SEO content writing

How to Write SEO Content

SEO Content Writing

Content writing is the biggest challenge for bloggers and webies in today’s digital world. Writing optimized content for search engines and appealing people is challenging but not too much complicated, once you understand that people come first the SEO firms make people’s money undestanding these simple concepts.

There are two goals to be accomplished with writing SEO contents: First to engage end user [customers, client, readers etc] and the second is to solve a particular problem.

But now the thing to be sort out is how to write content to meet those two goals. How can you rank up in google with that content? That’s what I’m trying to discuss and SEO is all about.

In this article we are going to discuss few steps that are essential for professional SEO content writing.

Before going on with those steps let me define SEO Content Writing. I’m decomposing this into to two parts:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process to optimize a website so people can easily find it in search engines like google.
Content Writing means information about a specific topic lives on the and consumed on the web.
In short SEO content is that content which has been composed for people’s attraction on Search Engines.

5 Steps for SEO Content Writing

Now I’m going to tell you the 5 very basic steps for content writing. Here we go:

Use Keyword in Title (Keyword Research): Here by title I mean title of the article that you are to going to write. As we know that seo keywords playing great role to help people to search your site via search engines. Keyword is one of the main component of SEO which are more important for website optimization on search engines. This is the reason developing a list of keywords the very first and most important step in any search engine optimization A lot of websites are there which provide keywords and google adwords is most famouse of them.
Using Keywords in Meta Description: First let’s take a look at meta tags. Meta elements are those html elements which are used to provide information about a web page for the search engines website users. There is title tag as well before description in meta tags. Title tags appears at the top of HTML inside area. It tells people and search engine what your page is about. Same is the case with description in meta tags. Description makes easier to search our page.
Using keywords in H1 – H6 tags: Let me assume that you are not fimiliar with H1-H6 tags. Let me define this properly H1 is an HTML tag that are used to indicate an title on website. HTML has heading tags from H1 upto H6. The H1 tag is considered the most important heading tag where H6 is considered least important. Now the thing to discuss is use those keyword H1 tags which are mostly searched on search engines. It can also help people and search engines to search your website
Building link (creating intenal links): Internal links are basically the links that redirect user from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. In SEO internal links are very useful to establish site architecture and spreading link juice. Internal links should be used in case of crawlable link structure. The crawlable link structure is that structure which lets people browse pathways of a website – in order to find all of the pages on a website.
Website Content Layout (SEO Writing): Few thing should be kept in mind for website content Take a look below:
Your content should be unique and original
You should do your homework before writing your post titles.
You should pay attention to your introduction
Don’t forget about the body of the page
Interlinking is good for SEO as we discussed above
Beautify the text
Show the author and bio
Use image{s} and optimize them
Is your content better then the competition

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